Can Jade Plants Survive Frost?

You’ve spent hours looking for the perfect plant, and now you have it. You’re excited to watch it grow in your home, but now you’re wondering: Can jade plants survive frost? The answer is yes! Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your Jade plant healthy through the winter months.

Can Jade Plants Survive Frost?

Jade plants are resilient plants that can handle cold temperatures and even frost. This makes them a great choice for areas with freezing winter temperatures, as they are likely to survive the winter season and thrive during warmer months.

However, if you live in an area with extremely cold winters, you may want to test your jade plant’s tolerance to freezing temperatures before planting it outdoors permanently.

How Tolerant Are Jade Plants To Cold Weather

In order to survive the cold, jade plants must be able to tolerate temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods. This means that jade plants are not considered cold tolerant.

If you live in zones 9 or 10 (where winter temperatures range from 50 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit), you’re in luck! Jade plants can thrive in these climates with minimal protection.

But if you’re living anywhere else or have a particularly harsh winter season, it’s best that you take some steps to protect your precious potted plant from frost and freezing weather.

How To Protect Your Jade Plants From Frost

If you’re looking for more permanent solutions, here are some tips:

  • If your jade plant is young and small enough to fit in the bed of your car, take it with you! You can even keep it in a pot while driving if needed—just make sure to secure the pot on top of something so that it doesn’t tip off and spill all over your floor.
  • If you want to overwinter your jade plant indoors but don’t have room for a large terrarium (or simply don’t want one), an old aquarium tank would also do the trick. Just be sure that both ends are covered so water won’t seep out during freezing temperatures.

Caring For Jade Plants During The Winter

The first thing you need to do is move your jade plant out of the nursery or garden center where it was purchased. It’s important that they be kept in a warm room where temperatures don’t go below 55°F (13°C) during the winter, as this can damage their leaves and tips.

To keep them happy, give them plenty of light and water when the soil is dry. If you have an office with fluorescent lights, this will be perfect for them! Just make sure that there are no windows nearby—because jade plants don’t like bright sunlight—or else move it into another room altogether if there are windows nearby (like on a sunny wall).

You should also fertilize your jade once per month during the winter months with a water-soluble fertilizer product.

What Temperatures Will Kill Jade Plants?

Jade plants are hardy in zones 9-11. This means they can tolerate temperatures down to about 30 degrees, but may die in zones 7 or colder. If you have a jade plant growing outside, it can tolerate light frosts but should be brought indoors if the temperature drops below freezing.

A heavy frost will kill a jade plant outright; when the frost hits your jade plant leaves will turn black and wither within hours of exposure to extreme cold weather conditions (even if you’re lucky enough for your jade plant not to succumb completely).

Will a Jade Plant Recover From Frost?

While jade plants are quite hardy, they can be damaged by frost. The leaves of the plant are particularly fragile and susceptible to damage from cold weather. If you find that your jade plant has been damaged by frost, don’t panic! While it may look bad now, once spring arrives your jade plant will recover and be better than ever. There are several things you can do to help your jade survive the winter and thrive in the spring:

  • Keep the soil moist. While most trees stop growing during the winter months (to conserve energy), some plants continue to grow indoors or under glass through the wintertime if they’re watered regularly. Be sure not to over-water though—you don’t want wet roots!
  • Cut back any dead stems or leaves with scissors if necessary; this helps prevent rot from developing in fallow spots on your houseplants’ bodies.


When it comes to jade plants, they are able to survive frost! You’ll need to cover them if the plant is going to be left outdoors. If it’s extremely cold, it would be a better choice to place them in a pot and bring them indoors.