How Often To Water Lemon Tree?

In the summer, lemon trees are easy to care for. They like plenty of water and lots of sun. But in the winter, we don’t want to over-water them. In fact, you might even want to skip watering your lemon tree for a couple of months. Read on for more information on how often—and how much—you should be watering your lemon tree!

How Often To Water Lemon Tree

If you want to keep your lemon tree healthy, it’s crucial that you water it regularly. How often should you water a lemon tree? Well, every 7-10 days is ideal.

What’s the best time of day to give your lemon tree a drink? Technically, any time of day is okay because lemons are deciduous and require lots of sunlight to grow properly. However, if you’re going to water your plant in the afternoon or evening while they’re still growing their leaves (that’s when they need the most moisture), then doing so at those times would be best.

The best way to get started is by filling up your watering can with warm tap water and pouring it into the pot until all of its soil has been completely soaked through—lemon trees love having their roots wet! It may take some practice before getting this process down pat; if so, just keep at it until eventually, things start getting easier for ya!

How to Tell it’s Time to Water Your Lemon Tree

The best way to tell if your lemon tree needs watering is by looking at the leaves. If they’re wilting or turning yellow, it’s time for a drink. Similarly, if you see browning or curling up on some of the leaves, that means your plant needs some water. The same goes for stems and roots—if they turn brown and dry out over time, then you can bet that your plant isn’t getting enough moisture in its soil!

How to Water Lemon Tree

Watering from the top is a common practice for many fruit trees. To do this, use the watering can or hose to pour water over the entire canopy of your lemon tree.

This method works because it allows you to easily distribute water evenly throughout all parts of your plant’s leaves. However, if you have a lot of leafy growth on your lemon tree that needs more than just a thorough spray down with water, then this could become difficult and time-consuming.

If you prefer not to spend so much time watering, then another option is to use bottom watering: pouring water into the trunk instead of directly onto the leaves. This will allow more moisture to reach deeper into the soil where roots are located and provide better distribution throughout an entire tree’s root system rather than just its upper portion alone; however, some people may find it frustrating because there isn’t always enough room for them inside their yard space when trying this technique!

How Long Can Lemon Tree Go Without Being Watered?

It depends on the weather. If it’s hot, dry, and windy, then you might only be able to go a week without watering your lemon tree. But if it’s cool and humid, then you might be able to go two weeks or even three weeks without watering your lemon tree.

If there is not enough rain coming down from above, then make sure that you are providing plenty of water for your lemon tree by either using an automatic sprinkler system or hand watering with a hose.

Signs of Excessive Lemon Tree Watering

Lemon trees don’t require watering too often, but if there is too much water, your tree will start to suffer. Below are some of the signs to look for when the lemon tree is overwatered:

  • If you notice your lemon tree leaves turning yellow, this is a sign that the soil is too dry.
  • If you notice your lemon tree leaves becoming droopy, this is also a sign of excessive dryness in the soil.
  • If you notice that the leaves on your lemon tree are starting to rot or curl up and fall off, then the plant has been overwatered and may need more frequent watering than usual.
  • Finally, if you see roots starting to turn brown instead of healthy green or white colors, then again this could be an indication that your lemon tree needs more moisture in its roots as well!


Lemon trees are easy to water in the right amount. If you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to water your lemon tree, look out for the signs of over watering. Those include wilting leaves and yellowing leaves. You can also check on your plant by looking at the soil around its roots. If it appears dry or cracked then you may need more frequent watering sessions than once every few days!

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