When Does Cherry Blossom Bloom?

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and growth. It’s also the perfect season for cherry blossom trees to take over the landscape and show off their beautiful blooms! Although many people are aware that cherry blossoms bloom during this time, there are actually several things to consider when trying to determine when exactly they will bloom.

When Does Cherry Blossom Bloom?

Cherry blossom is a temperate tree with blooming time from mid-March through mid-April.

When does cherry blossom bloom in your area? The answer depends on whether or not you live on the east coast or west coast and what your average winter temperatures are like. In general, cherry blossoms bloom when it’s warm enough for them to open up!

The climate where I live in Maryland is pretty mild so my trees usually begin to bloom around March 15th each year—but there are years when they start earlier (like this past year), and there are years when they don’t open until almost April 20th (like last year).

How Long Does Cherry Blossom Bloom?

When you think of cherry blossoms, you probably picture those beautiful pink-and-white flowers in full bloom. But how long does it take for the cherry blossom to bloom?

The answer depends on the variety of trees and the climate it’s growing in.

Typically, cherry blossoms can be anywhere from 1–2 weeks before they reach their peak—but this timeframe varies across locations as well as seasons.

For example, in Japan, when most people think about cherry blossom season (hanami), it lasts from mid-March through early May; however, in Washington DC (which is north of New York City), that same time frame would be around April 22nd through May 8th!

Does Cherry Blossom Bloom More Than Once?

You may be wondering whether cherry blossom trees bloom more than once. The answer is yes, but only if the tree is healthy and has been pruned correctly.

If you want your cherry blossoms to bloom again, it’s important to prune them in the winter or very early spring. When you’re pruning your cherry blossoms, keep in mind that they grow best at temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (4-15 degrees Celsius).

Pruning should be done just before buds appear on new growth. This can be tricky because newly-formed buds look like tiny leaves; use tweezers to pinch off any that are already there so you don’t accidentally cut off future flowers by mistake!

Will Cherry Blossom Bloom Again After Being Cut?

It is not unusual for a cherry tree to produce a second bloom after being pruned or cut down. However, it is also not unusual for the tree to not bloom again.

If you are hoping that your cherry blossom will bloom again after being cut, there are some things you can do to encourage it:

Pruning – If you have pruned the tree, be sure to cut off any dead branches and allow them to dry out before disposing of them. This will prevent the disease from spreading through the tree and ensure that it has plenty of nutrients for budding flowers.

Fertilizing – When you fertilize your cherry blossom, be sure that it does not contain any pesticides or herbicides. This can harm the plant and lead to it not blooming again in future years. It’s best to use natural fertilizer like compost or manure from other animals such as chickens or cows instead of synthetic chemicals which can be harmful if ingested by birds or other animals who may visit your yard regularly (such as squirrels).

When Should I Plant Cherry Blossom?

Cherry blossoms typically bloom in early April and last until late May or early June. The trees are flowering now, so if you’re considering planting one yourself, now is the time to get it done!

The best times to plant a cherry blossom tree are:

-Between October and December for an early spring bloom (which means you’ll have more time for enjoying it before summer!)

-Between February and April for a late spring bloom (which means you’ll have more time for enjoying it before summer!)

Why Is My Cherry Blossom Not Blooming?

There are a lot of reasons why your cherry blossom may not be blooming. Here are some common ones, and how to fix them.

  • If the flower buds never opened, it’s likely that they didn’t get enough sunlight. Your tree needs at least 6 or 7 hours of direct sunlight every day in order to bloom properly. If you don’t have that much natural light, you can supplement with artificial light, but make sure it’s filtered sunlight (sunlight filtered through a window screen) and not direct sunlight.
  • The other possibility is that your plant is too young to bloom. Some cherry blossoms only bloom when they’re 5 years old or older, so if yours is still young, give it time, and don’t worry!
  • If you have moved your cherry blossom outside to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and it hasn’t bloomed yet, consider moving your tree back inside the house near an east-facing window where it can get direct sunlight.


So now you know when the cherry blossom will bloom and how long it will be in bloom. You also have an idea of what you need to do to care for your tree once it blooms so that it will continue to grow healthy and beautiful.