When To Harvest Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a delicious vegetable that’s popular during the fall. The vegetable has a short shelf life and must be harvested at just the right time in order to maximize its sweetness and tenderness. To get the most out of your sweet corn harvest, you’ll have to know when and how to harvest it properly.

When To Harvest Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is harvested at its peak ripeness, which varies depending on the variety. Generally, sweet corn is harvested 3 months after the seed is planted.

To determine when your sweet corn has reached its prime, pull back one of the husks and peek inside. If you see any silky tassels or silk strands on the ears of corn, they are ready to harvest.

When Is The Best Month To Harvest Sweet Corn?

The best month to harvest sweet corn is in August, if you’ve planted the seeds in June. This is when the vegetable is matured and ready to be picked.

If you keep them past the 3 months period, the sweet corn will become hard and no longer edible.

Can You Harvest Sweet Corn Too Early?

Yes! If you harvest sweet corn too early, it will be tough and starchy. The best way to know that your sweet corn is ready is by tasting it. If the kernels are milky and tender, they’re ready for harvest.

You can also check the silk on each ear of corn; if it has dried out completely and turned brown, this means that it’s time to harvest your crop. However, if the silk is still white or yellowish-green in color then there’s still time before harvesting (but not much).

How to Harvest Sweet Corn

There are several ways to harvest sweet corn. Regardless of whether you plant in rows, hills, or beds, you can use the same techniques for harvesting.

Hand-picking: This is the most traditional method of harvesting sweet corn. To hand-pick your corn, simply pull the ears off one by one, leaving the husk on until you reach your destination. This is a great option if you want to keep some of the kernels on the cob for fresh eating.

Shucking: If you want to get all of the kernels off of each ear, shucking is an easy way to do so. To shuck sweet corn, place an ear in a shallow bowl and slice off each end with a sharp knife. Then, peel back the husk and remove it completely by pulling it down over the cob. After that, simply rinse under cold water to remove any dirt or bugs that may be clinging to it before taking out each kernel with a sharp paring knife or kitchen shears (if using organic seed).

Snap off: This method involves snapping off each ear from its stalk by hand rather than cutting them off with a knife. While this is obviously more labor-intensive than using other methods such as shucking.

Storing Sweet Corn After Harvesting

There are two methods of storing sweet corn after harvesting. The first method is to store it in the refrigerator. The second method is to freeze sweet corn after harvesting.

Refrigerator Method

To store sweet corn in the refrigerator, place the ears of corn in paper brown bags and keep them in the crisper drawer. This will help keep them dry until you’re ready to use them.

Freezer Method

Another method for storing sweet corn after harvesting is by freezing it! This works well for fresh-picked sweet corn that you have just picked from your garden or bought from a farmer’s market or grocery store.

To freeze this type of sweet corn simply take off all of the husks and silks from each ear using a sharp knife or vegetable peeler (if possible) then wrap each ear individually with plastic wrap before putting them in the freezer.


Sweet corn is harvested while the kernels are still tender and sweet. It’s best to harvest sweet corn when it has reached the milk stage, meaning that the kernels have filled out but have not yet hardened. You can tell when your sweet corn has reached this stage by gently squeezing the ear of corn. If it feels soft but not mushy or leaves a dent in your hand when you squeeze it, it’s ready for harvest.