How Often To Water Mangosteen Tree

The mangosteen tree is a tropical fruit tree that can grow up to 25 feet tall. The mangosteen tree has dark green leaves, and its flowers are white or pink. Its fruit is round and purple when it’s ripe, with white flesh inside that tastes like sweet plums or grapefruit. It has a hard shell but soft pulp that turns white when cooked.

If you’re planning to grow your own mangosteen tree in your backyard, you will need to know how often it should receive water.

How Often To Water Mangosteen Tree

The amount of water a mangosteen tree needs depends on the soil conditions.

– If you have sandy soil, water the tree daily. Make sure that the water reaches down at least two feet deep so that it reaches all of the roots.

– If you have clay soil, water every two or three days. The same rule applies: make sure that the water reaches down at least two feet deep so that it reaches all of the roots.

– If you have loamy soil, water every five or six days. Again, make sure that the water reaches down at least two feet deep so that it reaches all of the roots.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Water the Mangosteen Tree?

The best time to water your mangosteen tree is early morning or late evening. Watering at these times will help prevent the water from evaporating, which can cause root rot and stunted growth in your mangosteen tree.

Also avoid watering in the middle of the day because it may cause sunburn on leaves, which will make them turn brown prematurely.

How Much Water Does Mangosteen Tree Need?

The amount of water a mangosteen tree needs is dependent on the type of soil it’s in, how many hours of sunlight it gets each day, and whether you’re watering during periods where there’s no rain.

In general, though, a mangosteen tree needs to be watered enough to keep the soil moist. A good rule of thumb is that you should water once a week if your plant has been recently transplanted or is new to its growing location. In areas where rainfall is regular throughout the year and there are no periods with no precipitation for longer than three days at a time (which would mean your plants won’t get enough water to survive), then twice-weekly watering may suffice for some species—but always check first before going overboard!

If you see drooping leaves or wilted flowers on your mangosteen tree after several weeks without rain or irrigation, then it’s probably time for some extra attention from yourself as well—the soil can dry out quickly in these situations despite having plenty of moisture available above ground level (which could lead to root rot).

How To Tell When Your Mangosteen Tree Needs Water

When your mangosteen tree needs water, you’ll see the following signs:

  • Leaves drooping
  • Terminal buds drying out and shriveling up
  • Foliage turning pale green or yellow. It’s important to note that lack of sunlight may also cause this color change, so if you’re in a shady spot with no direct access to sunlight (like under a large tree), don’t rely just on leaf color for deciding whether or not your tree needs water!
  • The soil feels dry about 6″ (15 cm) down; this means that there’s limited moisture available at deeper levels as well – which could lead to root rot over time if left untreated!

How to Water Mangosteen Tree

The easiest way to water a mangosteen tree is to use a drip irrigation system and place it in the soil near the base of the tree. The drip line should be buried at least 6 inches deep, and it should run at least 24 inches away from the trunk. This will allow enough time for the water to soak into the soil before evaporating back out again.

You can also use a soaker hose or an overhead sprinkler if you prefer not to use drip irrigation. Be sure to place them away from the tree so that they don’t wick water away from its roots.

You can also use a reservoir system if you have space for it—this involves creating a large container with holes in the bottom and placing it under your plant’s drip line or sprinkler head so that it collects rainwater for later use by your plant.

How Long Can Mangosteen Tree Go Without Being Watered?

A mangosteen tree can go without being watered for a long time, but it’s always better to water your tree regularly.

If you’re going away for a few days or even a week, the tree should be fine without any watering during that time. However, if you’re going away for longer than that, then it’s best to water your tree in the morning on the day before you leave and then every other day until you return. This will help ensure that your tree doesn’t dry out too much while you’re gone.


The mangosteen tree is relatively easy to care for. If it is in a pot, you should water it every day. If it is planted in the ground, you should water it once or twice per week depending on the soil and weather conditions.