When Does Sweet Pea Bloom?

Sweet peas are one of the easiest annuals to grow from seed. They’re also one of the easiest to transplant, which makes them great for beginners. If you’ve just planted sweet peas in your garden, you may wonder when they will bloom and how long their blooming season lasts.

When Does Sweet Pea Bloom?

Sweet peas are warm weather plants so they will start to bloom in late spring or early summer. After 4-6 weeks after visible vining, the plant will start to bloom.

How Long Does Sweet Pea Bloom?

Depending on the climate you’re in, how long sweet peas bloom will vary. Generally, they tend to bloom over a six to eight week period. This is because the sweet pea plant produces new flowers every day and then dies once those flowers are spent.

When Should I Plant Sweet Pea?

Sweet peas are a hardy annual that can withstand cold weather, so they’re typically planted in early spring. It’s important to plant sweet peas after the last frost of winter, but before it gets too hot for them to thrive.

If you live in a cooler climate and have had an unusually mild winter, you may want to wait until May or June before planting your seeds (or start them indoors).

In general, sweet peas prefer full sun and well-drained soil. When cultivating your plants in raised beds or containers, make sure the soil doesn’t get too soggy—sweet peas dislike wet feet!

Does Sweet Pea Bloom More Than Once?

The common name “sweet pea” doesn’t tell you much about the plant. It’s not a pea at all, but rather a perennial vine that will bloom for you every year.

The amount of time between blooms depends on your variety of sweet peas and their growing conditions. Most sweet peas do only one round of blooms each season, but some will bloom again in the fall if they’re given enough water and fertilizer throughout the summer months.

If it doesn’t bloom again, cut back to the ground after it completes its first flowering cycle by mid-summer so it can rest until next spring when it will start growing again and hopefully flower once more!

Will Sweet Pea Bloom Again After Being Cut?

You can cut the sweet pea flower before it opens and it will bloom again. You should always cut sweet peas when they are still closed, not after they have been open for some time.

After you have cut the sweet pea, place it in a vase filled with about 1 inch of water. This will help keep them alive for a couple of days.

The vase should be filled with fresh water every day so that mold from old water doesn’t grow inside of them and spoil them. If you do this correctly, your sweet pea flowers will last several days indoors without losing their color or fragrance!

Why Is My Sweet Pea Not Blooming?

There are many reasons why a sweet pea might not be blooming. Below are two reasons why your sweet peas may not bloom:

1. You planted the pea seedling too early in the season

Peas need warm weather to grow properly and produce flowers and pods. If you plant them when the soil is still cold (even if it’s supposed to be spring), they won’t grow or produce any flowers until temperatures rise above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius).

2. Your sweet peas were stressed by the cold weather

If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing during springtime, your sweet peas could have been damaged by frost or even killed outright by freezing temperatures. This would prevent them from producing flower buds later in the season when conditions get warmer again.


Sweet pea blooms from late spring throughout the summer. After the first visible vining, sweet peas will start to bloom around 4-6 weeks later.