When To Plant Carrots

Carrot is a popular vegetable that can be eaten raw, cooked, or blended to make a healthy drink. If you are planning to grow carrots in your garden, you may wonder when to plant them.

When To Plant Carrots

Carrots can be planted in the spring of fall. This root vegetable doesn’t do well in hot weather. The carrots will take about 10-12 weeks to grow. If you’re planning to grow them in the fall, make sure to do so before the first frost.

Where Is The Best Place To Plant Carrots?

The best place to plant carrots is in a sunny spot. Carrots grow well in raised beds, but they can also be grown in containers.

If you want to grow your carrots in a container, make sure that it has good drainage holes and that the soil is high in nutrients (if you’re using prepared potting soil). The containers should be at least 15 inches deep so that the roots are not exposed during rainstorms or heavy watering.

What Is The Best Month To Plant Carrots?

The best time to plant carrots is in early spring, right after the first frost. The soil should be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 Celsius) before planting them

If you’re planning on planting your carrots in late spring, you may have some trouble getting them started because they can become leggy if they don’t get enough sun.

You should also avoid planting them during the summer since this root vegetable doesn’t do well in hot weather.

How Long Do Carrots Take To Grow?

Carrots are a cool-season crop, so they will grow best when the temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees.

The average carrot takes 55-80 days to mature, but some varieties can take longer than others. If you want a really large carrot with an intense flavor, plant it in late summer for harvest in early fall (late August through September).

However, if you’re looking for small sweet roots that won’t take up much space in your garden or on your plate then plant them earlier in spring as soon as soil can be worked without tilling first!


As you can see, since carrots are cool-season crop, it’s best to plant them in the spring or fall. If you do plant them in the fall, make sure it’s about 10-12 weeks before the first frost. Otherwise, the frost will damage the carrots.