When To Plant Zucchini

Zucchini is a popular vegetable to grow since there are a variety of ways to use them. You can either cook them or eat them raw. If you’re just getting started with growing zucchini, you will want to know when to plant them.

When To Plant Zucchini

Zucchini is a warm-season crop, it needs warm air and warm soil to thrive. They should be planted in May to early June.  This will give the zucchini plenty of time to grow and be ready for harvesting before the first frost set in.

Where Is The Best Place To Plant Zucchini?

Zucchini plants are climbers, so they thrive when planted in places where they are able to climb.

If your garden is small and you don’t have room for trellises or supports of any kind, consider growing your zucchini vertically. That can be done by choosing dwarf varieties (which grow to only 6 feet) and placing the vines on a fence or the side of your house instead of planting them in the ground.

You can also grow them in containers if you want to take advantage of extra sun but don’t have much space available: just be sure to choose pots with good drainage holes at the bottom if you plan on watering zucchini with more than an occasional misting!

What Is The Best Month To Plant Zucchini?

When it comes to zucchini, it will depend on where you’re located. If you live in the north, the best month to plant them is in June. You’ll want to make sure the ground and air are warm so the zucchini will thrive.

On the other hand, if you live in the south, you can grow them in May since warmer weather arrives earlier than in the north.

How Long Does Zucchini Take To Grow?

Zucchini is a plant that takes around 45-55 days to grow, so it’s important to get started right away if you want a harvest in late summer or early fall.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to plant them early on so the plant will have enough time to grow and harvest.

Do Zucchini Need 2 Plants To Produce Fruit?

It is possible to get lots of flowers but no fruit if you only have one zucchini plant. In order to get fruit, you need both male and female flowers on the same plant at the same time.

Zucchini plants produce both male and female flowers at different times during the growing season. The female blossoms appear first, followed by male blossoms about two weeks later. If you have only one plant, you may end up with lots of flowers but no fruit because there was no other plant around to pollinate them!

If you want to grow your own zucchini, make sure that there is at least one male flower per female flower on your plant when it’s time for pollination (usually about two weeks after emergence).


Zucchini should be planted in late spring and early summer. The best time to plant zucchini is when the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.